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Promo Products

If you need promotional products, a personalized item, corporate awards for an incentive program, personalized logo shirts for your business, or help to design a professional looking logo or other advertising products, B&H Sports is the place to look. We pride ourselves in having the experience and ability to assure that the right promotional items, corporate awards, logo shirts or other personalized items are chosen, designed properly, and done on a schedule to meet your needs.
We understand that these personalized products leave a lasting impression on your client or incentive program, and it must be a positive one. With B&H Sports it will. Our advertising specialty department will work with you to create the business promotional items you are looking for.
Please contact Mike Champlin or Cassie Phillips for more information.
We are a proud distributors of the following companies. Please click on the links to view their full product lines.

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mZooka  Personalized Sports Flags     Norwood  Promotional Solutions

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